Tackling disinformation "par la formation", in practice

French Spring and Summer without social networks.

2023 Summer without social networks.
2023 Summer without social networks.

1. Take care of your physical and mental health 🎗️

To fight disinformation and put an end to the viral circulation of toxic information, you must above all not comment or share fake news or hateful messages (because more reactions, more views, more virulence). Report/block these messages, quit the application, or better deactivate/delete your account on May 1st, and turn off your screen during the Spring/Summer 2023.

Stop procrastinating on social media, especially during elections or exams. Find here instructions to deactivate or delete your account on Instagram/Facebook, Whatsapp, Twitter/ChatGPT, LinkedinTiktok.

Prefer a call to catch up with your beloved.
Ask for help if needed.
See Vinted’s guide.

2. Obtain information from reliable sources

Exercise critical thinking.
Prioritize quality over quantity.

Be attentive to conflicts of interest and greenwashing, biases and what is left unsaid. Where does the money come from? What is the goal? Who is invisibilised? For example, you can follow Météo France, INRIA and the CNRS, or independant medias such as Blast and Mediapart.

Screens: our health in danger? © Servane Mouton / STEEP research team at INRIA Grenoble.

3. Refocus attention in society ✨

Destigmatize addictions to social networks, depression. Talk about physical health, mental health, emotions… about our relationship to work, the ecological emergency.

Call for contribution: Testify on social networks. Create and share content, interviews, visuals, an incentive approach to attract young people (individual impact and total).

4. Make sense of the future

Learn to meditate, concentrate, be more present and grateful, for example with Petit Bambou. Invest your time and energy on the long term. Learn a language, cook, do crafts… sports, play music, volunteer. Support a cause. Rewrite the future with new narratives, a solidarity Summer, without social networks.

5. Support local innovations 🌸

Frugal, social, low-tech, agroecology, biodiversity, independent media, Framasoft alternatives to GAFAMs… Act locally with non profits, the press, conferences and local events.