Words, topics and sentences

Encode, decode information and meaning.

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The n-gram model

The n-gram model partly circuments the limits of bag of characters / words in which terms are independent. By capturing dependencies between characters and words, for example between pair of words or triplet of characters, it allows for a finer representation, useful for instance to read DNA sequences (ACGT -> ACT -> Peptide) or understand and translate ingredients with Pyfood.

Note: When using n-gram models, the value of n is important (min, max) and depends on your domain of application.


  • Find latin roots from French, Italian, Spanish words. Embed words with n-grams/tfidf + pca.
  • Study language evolution. Word context. W2vec, Glove (300d, oov) → fastvec (next chapter)
Illustration of Zipf Law.
Illustration of Zipf Law.

A challenge with n-gram models is related to the curse of dimensionality.

Corpus and query preprocessing steps

Preprocessing stepDescriptionBeware
TokenizationSplit text in sequences of tokensAbbreviations (U.N.), Hyphenation (New-York), Apostrophes, Accents, Dates, Numéros/nombres
Stop-wordsFrequent words that do not carry semantic information (the, a, an, and, or, to) are removed, reducing dimension and distances“Let it be”, “To be or not to be”
Case-insensitiveLower case words, reducing dimension and distances-
LemmatizationReduce inflected forms of a word: am, were, being, been -> be (requires knowledge of grammar, part of speech)-
StemmingReduces tokens to a “root” form, for example Porter Algorithm in EnglishResulting terms are not always readable


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