Algebra is nothing more than geometry, in words; geometry is nothing more than algebra, in pictures. - Sophie Germain, French mathematician, philosopher and physicist (1776-1831).

Program overview

I have been teaching mathematics for 10 years, with passion, patience and empathy, seeking to give to my students the confidence, intuition and good reflexes necessary to become autonomous. In particular, I help my students to ask themselves the right questions to solve problems, to visualize them well, to own them through concrete examples and to develop automatisms to solve exercises more effectively.

My method is very practical. We try, we see where it gets stuck, we discuss. We make sure we won’t get stuck in similar situations again. We transform each error to gain in efficiency and effectiveness.

Louis Le Grand and Henri IV high school passports

A sample of maths exercices and solutions by level:

Thank you to the Mathematics teachers of Henri IV and Louis Le Grand high school!

Higher education

Courses taught at Paul Valéry University to MIASHS - Mathematics and Computer Science Applied to Human and Social Sciences undergraduates and master students:

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International Mathematical Olympiad

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Are there prerequisites?

There are no prerequisites for the first course.

How often do the courses run?

As often as you need. Ideally once or twice a week.