Super résolution

From nuclear fusion to Sentinel-2 (MSc/PhD).

The first winner of the weekly @EuroDataCube #COVID19 Custom Script Contest has been announced
Michel Deudon from @TelecomParis_ @Polytechnique uses unsupervised machine learning to extract boat traffic from Sentinel-2 🇪🇺🛰imagery & monitor shifts in transportation patterns #AI< - 🇪🇺 @defis_eu April 16, 2020

V for Vegetation

Nov 1, 2018 - June 1, 2019. Proba-V super resolution challenge.

In March 2019, I joined Element AI, AI for Good, on a permanent contract in London, a startup co-founded by Yoshua Bengio, after doing an internship in 2017 in Montreal in combinatorial optimization and returning there in 2018 to present an article in linguistics and have my interviews.

Throwback to @ESA's first Kelvins Day where the finalists of the #ProbaV super resolution challenge presented their achievements with mixtures of classical & #AI image processing techniques to upscale #ProbaV data.
Congrats to Polytecnico di Torino for their winning solution.🛰️👏 - @PROBAVegetation September 16, 2019

In September 2019, after the Series B fundraising with McKinsey and Co, I was layed off, for economic reasons. One year later, ServiceNow acquired Element AI. Several colleagues experienced depression, as Manon Gruaz talks about in her talk CTRL+ALT+DEPRESSION at DevFest de Nantes 2022.

From Proba-V to Sentinel-2

With Brexit and the Covid, I returned to France. On 06/04/2020, the European Space Agency (ESA) launched a competition on the use of satellite images in connection with the COVID-19 crisis. Each week, a prize of €1,000 was awarded and the winners had to opportunity to scaleup.

My proof of concept finished 3rd in the final ranking, and was therefore not retained, only the first two projects have been selected for the final dashboard for the European Commission. The favorite project was developed by Henrik Fisser at the end of his internship at Brockmann Consult, partner organization of the competition for ESA (potential conflict of interests).

My idea and algorithms were initially motivated by the United Nations Decade of Ocean Science for Sustainable Development (2021-2030, UNESCO), the need to raise awareness of the marine environment and protect maritime areas and the Oceans, but Covid has diverted attention from ecological concerns. I ended up returning to studies in September 2020, at the College des Ingénieurs, to have a minimum source of income.

Venise sans les bateaux. []( May 6, 2020.
Venise sans les bateaux. May 6, 2020.
#Covid19 Venise sans les bateaux, observée par les satellites européens #Sentinel2 🛰️🇪🇺 @copernicuseu - @CNES May 16, 2020


Grateful to Manon Gruaz, Elena Aversa for the information design, as well as Gaëlle Lahoreau and Sabina Dolenc.