Preventive Workshops on Social Networks


GAFAM and social networks deepen social inequalities, and divide to conquer. Another vision of the world exists, “one that unites” - Paul ValĂ©ry.

The trainings offered helps young people and those around them to express themselves and be informed on social networks, in a caring environment, to discover methods of debate, attentive listening and collective intelligence, and to seek alternatives, to fight against social inequalities, discriminations and online violence.

Developed in Montpellier with and for middle school and high school students, parents, students in higher education and research, healthcare, solidarity and national education professionals, they do not assume any prerequisites and adapt to your needs. For any questions or to schedule a training session, contact Mich.

Action Campaigns

Past events

September 21 and 28, 2023. Tackling exclusions. From 9:15 a.m. to 11:15 a.m. at the University Paul Valéry.

June 7, 2023. Youth and Social Networks. From 2:30 p.m. to 4:00 p.m., with the Générations Solidaires et Citoyennes association, at the CAF social center. 410 Av. de Barcelona, 34080 Montpellier.

May 1, 2023. Collection of anonymous testimonies.

They talk about it near you


The CitĂ© de l’Économie et des MĂ©tiers de Demain is a unique place in the Occitanie Region to embark on a sustainable and inclusive economy. The students of the Master 2 Information-Communication of the University Paul-ValĂ©ry Montpellier 3 organized the 20th edition of the Regional Observatory of Organizational Communication (ORCO) day there, on May 12, 2023. In the magazine accompanying the 20th edition of ORCO, the Future of Social Networks is described in one word by different generations: invasion, danger, unhealthy , disastrous, dramatic and isolation.

Alain Damasio, a science fiction author, also testifies on social networks, in an interview for the independent media Blast, on May 12, 2023, entitled How to live and fight against surveillance capitalism? He explains how his vision has evolved over time, and the role of artists, culture, and new imaginaries.

👉 See also the article in Le Monde on May 27, 2028 The Mosson team, qualified for the 2028 Olympic Games in freestyle skating .

Collectives and Associations

Local tips and support

You are a teenager

  • The Maison des adolescents is a place of expression and activities, which takes care of you! A team of doctors, facilitators, educators, psychologists, mediators, nurses and social workers is at your disposal for your life, family, health, education projects…
  • See also the Academic Region Directorate for Youth, Engagement and Sports DRAJES.

You are a student

  • Nightline France. Free psychiatric support near you. A nightly listening service run by students for better student mental health.
  • For students at Paul ValĂ©ry University, the University Department of Preventive Medicine and Health Promotion (SUMPPS) is a place for listening, information, prevention, health education, guidance and support. Free sophrology breaks, in the form of individual consultations, group workshops, and free access recordings, are also available and can help you take a step back, release tension, manage your emotions, recharge your batteries, get out of the vicious circle of ruminations, etc.
  • The University Care Center (CSU) offers general medicine consultations, a psychological and psychiatric support.

You are an employee

For employees (public or private sector), the médecin du travail is a specialist prevention doctor whose missions contribute to preventing any deterioration in the health of agents as a result of their work. Joining a union can also help you find or offer support.

Open to everyone

  • Les maisons pour tous are places of discovery, relaxation, culture, expression, learning, sport and conviviality, and offer more than 500 different activities supervised by City officials or by qualified associations.
  • See also the CAF Social Center of La Paillade - l’Ă®le aux familles.



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Screens and health

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Law and personal data

CNIL. Mission 1 - Inform, protect rights. GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation).